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  • March 14, 2017

    Thank you Terry & Linda! It was wonderful to restore the carpets in the home that you just purchased! They turned out great! Thank you for choosing Cedar Hill Carpet Cleaning!

  • March 14, 2017

    I had an excellent experience working on a sofa that was in drastic need of cleaning. My client received the sofa for free, and it restored into NEW condition!

  • March 4, 2017

    Thanks Bill! Your rental property turned out great! Glad to hear you already found a renter!

  • March 1, 2017

    Janice, I appreciated working on your living room today. I am happy that you are so pleased with the results! Tell people about us!

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Rug Doctor vs. Professional Carpet Cleaning

Why a rug doctor does not save you much money & is a hassle!


Many people try to save money on professional carpet cleaning by renting a rug doctor for a local store. Most people do not fully understand the process of carpet cleaning, and do not realize that they are going through a lot of trouble for little or no savings. A rug doctor typically costs $40 to rent for a 24 hour period. Then a person will purchase the cleaning soaps & chemicals made for the rug doctor at an additional cost of $29 to $50 depending on the amount of chemicals needed for the process. The renter then gets a selection of 2 to 3 chemicals to use, which act as "all in one cleaners" which they have to read all about. The renter then gets to choose the machine they want to rent, which is often not maintained well, and then gets to lug the thing out into the parking lot, lift it into the vehicle, and unload the unit at home. Next the renter will need to learn how to use the machine. After the renter has loaded the water, mixed the right chemical amounts, and is ready to clean, they then get to go through the physical process of "cleaning" their own carpets with this heavy machine. This process usually takes 45 minutes per room and will have the renter running back to the sink several times to dump and refill water.


Professional carpet cleaning by Cedar Hill Carpet Cleaning usually is around $99. If you compare the rental costs and chemical costs, you'll find that you can usually save $20 with a rug doctor, where you get to do ALL the labor, for an inferior "carpet cleaning".















Why is a rug doctor inferior?

A rug doctor is an inferior carpet cleaner for many reasons. We have decided to make a comparison chart to lay out the facts simply and straight forward. On the left, we have the features of a common rental Rug Doctor, and on the right, we tell of our powerful truck mount features.

Rug Doctor

Professional Truck Mount Carpet Cleaner

No heat - A Rug Doctor simply "spits" cold water and chemicals on the top of your carpet. Without heat, there is no way to break down oil compounds, kill pathogens, kill bacteria, break up wax, or break up oil or food stains. Also our bodies secrete slight amounts of oil, and in high traffic areas, dirt can become embedded by oil from our feet over time. Propane fired heat! At Cedar Hill Carpet Cleaning we use propane fired heat which heats water to 230F. This heat deeply breaks up spots, stains, oils, food stains, wax stains, pet stains. It also kills bacteria, pathogens, and neutralizes allergens.
No pressure - A Rug Doctor "spits" cold water onto the top of your carpet. There is no deep penetration at all. The cold water and chemicals "sink" into the carpet, without any force at all to break up soils, dirt, stains. We use high pressure! At Cedar Hill Carpet Cleaning, we use 400 to 500psi to deeply inject steaming hot water into your carpet. Deep embedded soils and stains in the carpet are pounded with this hot steaming pressurized water. This completely annihilates any type of soils in the carpet, and breaks up almost all stains. 500psi would be approximately the pressure that a commercial car wash uses however our pressurized water uses steaming hot water!
Rug Doctor has barely any extraction power. Consider that a rug doctor uses a standard outlet in a home or apartment. This powers the extraction vacuum, and the heavily underpowered agitation system. It also powers the "device that lightly spits" water into your carpet all at the same time. The extraction motor is not powerful, does not extract the dirt well, nor does it raise the pile of the carpet well. We have tremendous extraction power! Using a 25 horsepower motor (outside your home with only hoses coming inside), the extraction of a professional carpet cleaning machine is superb. After deeply penetrating the carpet with high pressured steam, the 25 horsepower motor (run on gasoline) operates a device that causes extremely heavy mercury lift (suction/extraction power). This pulls out the water, soil, stains, allergens, pathogens, and just about any other foreign material in a carpet!
Rug Doctor does not raise the carpet pile. Since a rug doctor does not have any heat meaningful heat and low suction power, the fibers in the carpet often are left remaining "smashed down". Often the feeling of walking on the carpet will feel the same as it did just a couple of days after using a Rug Doctor. We can raise the carpet pile! The fibers in the carpet that have just been penetrated with pressurized steaming hot water are then literally "sucked up straight". As an iron with steam, this "lifts" the pile of the carpet fibers while sucking out the broken up soils within the carpet. This causes the carpet to literally change in feeling for many months to come. It will often feel much softer and with more "cushion" on your feet! Most people say "it feels like it did when it was new".




This carpet was formerly cleaned by a Rug Doctor. Cedar Hill Carpet Cleaning was then hired to come in and fix the job. The customer said that the cost of the Rug Doctor rent fee and chemicals equated to the cost of us coming and doing the job right. Our cleaning process heavily restored his home's carpets.


This is a photo of a customer's home after they used a Rug Doctor. There were still deep embedded stains and dirt. This is a photo of the dramatic difference Cedar Hill Carpet Cleaning can make over a typical Rug Doctor.
A Rug Doctor will not get your carpets clean. Cedar Hill Carpet Cleaning correcting a Rug Doctor's inferior cleaning.



As you can see, professional carpet cleaning is superior to the Rug Doctor!


The homeowner told me that he went over these deeply embedded stains for a couple of hours! The Rug Doctor took out some of the dirt, but just could not handle deep stains! We were able to deeply penetrate these stains with our environmentally friendly chemicals, high pressure steam, and powerfully extract all of the chemical, steaming water, and all of the soils. We do know that this is an extreme example, but we wanted to use this example to encourage you to use our services. We hope this convinces you that even terrible carpet can often come out looking much better!


It only makes common sense to skip the Rug Doctor and hire us to do your carpet cleaning. Not only will the price be close to what you would have paid to rent the Rug Doctor, saves your labor, but you will also get your carpets incredibly clean in comparison. Though many carpets are not as soiled as the ones depicted in the photos, it is very common that we hear of a Rug Doctor's inferior performance. Often there are deeply embedded soils left in the carpeting after a Rug Doctor cleaning. This can cause stains to "come back up" at a later time.


Deep professional steam cleaning provided by Cedar Hill Carpet Cleaning will give you superior results!


Please call 972-525-1823 or email to schedule a cleaning time! If we are unable to answer the phone, then we are assisting other customers on a job. Please leave a message and we'll promptly return your call!




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Please call 972-525-1823 or email to schedule a cleaning time! If we are unable to answer the phone, then we are assisting other customers on a job. Please leave a message and we'll promptly return your call!