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  • March 14, 2017

    Thank you Terry & Linda! It was wonderful to restore the carpets in the home that you just purchased! They turned out great! Thank you for choosing Cedar Hill Carpet Cleaning!

  • March 14, 2017

    I had an excellent experience working on a sofa that was in drastic need of cleaning. My client received the sofa for free, and it restored into NEW condition!

  • March 4, 2017

    Thanks Bill! Your rental property turned out great! Glad to hear you already found a renter!

  • March 1, 2017

    Janice, I appreciated working on your living room today. I am happy that you are so pleased with the results! Tell people about us!

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Pet Stains

 Effects of pet stains on carpet

Many of us love our pets but unfortunately they tend to have accidents on carpeting that result in stains. Pet waste deposited in carpeting is a breeding ground for many types of bacteria and funguses which can cause illness, odor, and numerous other unsanitary conditions in a home or apartment. Often people will attempt to clean up after their pets in using soap and water, yet do not realize how embedded many pet "accidents" are in their carpets. Animal urine for instance, immediately soaks into the carpet and reaches the carpet pad. Often a pet owner will spray the urine with a household cleaner and then apply pressure with a dry towel.


What the pet owner does not realize is that they are leaving well over 60% of the actual urine in their carpet and that the stain is virtually impossible to remove completely with common household items. In this case, the urine will eventually dry and will become crystalized in their carpet. This crystallization process is nearly impossible to remove without the proper treatments. This will attract all types of pathogens, grow bacteria, and cause odor in a home.


Fecal matter has different effects on carpeting. Often the solids are easily removed, and many homeowners do not understand that there are always small particles of the fecal matter that remain in the carpet. If the homeowner does not follow with cleaning and later walks on the small unseen particles, this will smash and embed them in the carpet fibers. Again this can cause a buildup of pathogens and bacteria in the carpet. The results are often spots or stains, and odor in the home.


Both urine and fecal stains will also hold onto other small pieces of soil, dust, food, hair, or any other particle that is dropped on the carpet. The materials will "stick" to the stains, and can cause the stain to grow. Consider that under foot traffic that this concoction of unsanitary dirt and pet waste is being agitated directly into the carpet. This can embed the stains deeply and the stains will not be able to be removed without powerful equipment and the correct cleaners that can reverse the stain process.



Removing Pet Stains from Carpet

 The proper chemicals are required to break down the pet stains

It is incredibly important to use the proper chemicals to reverse the process of the pet stain. The chemicals will need to break down the contaminants that are "gluing" the stain together. This will release the bind of the stain, and will cause the stain to "fall apart".



 High pressure steam, agitation, and high powered suction will remove the pet stain


Following the chemical break down process where the stain is weak, it is vital to use steaming hot water injected at high pressure. The hot water hits the stain incredibly hard, and literally "melts" the contaminants of the stain. Along with this heat, the stain is saturated with this hot water. A carpet wand will then glide over the stain causing agitation and pressure on the contaminants which is known as agitation. Immediately after agitation, the hot water is then powerfully extracted along with the stain and all the particles contained in the stain. This goes into the carpet pad and fully extracts all of the contaminants out of the carpet. The odor is removed, pathogens and bacteria are killed, soils are obliterated, and the entire stain is then extracted. This will also cause the stain to vanish out of your carpet fibers and allow the fibers to be lifted and softened.


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