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  • March 14, 2017

    Thank you Terry & Linda! It was wonderful to restore the carpets in the home that you just purchased! They turned out great! Thank you for choosing Cedar Hill Carpet Cleaning!

  • March 14, 2017

    I had an excellent experience working on a sofa that was in drastic need of cleaning. My client received the sofa for free, and it restored into NEW condition!

  • March 4, 2017

    Thanks Bill! Your rental property turned out great! Glad to hear you already found a renter!

  • March 1, 2017

    Janice, I appreciated working on your living room today. I am happy that you are so pleased with the results! Tell people about us!

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General Carpet Cleaning & Care

 Caring for Carpet Spots

Carpet maintenance is incredibly important to prolonging the life and beauty of carpeting. Of course, it is most critical to focus on high traffic areas because of the constant foot traffic that presses down the pile of the carpet. If soil, dirt, sand, or other abrasives exist in the carpeting, they will be pressed against the carpet fibers causing small abrasions in the individual strands of fiber. This will cause excessive wear and fading of the brightness of the carpeting in these areas. Consider the dirt working its way back and forth within the carpeting while being crushed under the weight of our feet! Cedar Hill Carpet Cleaning recommends that high traffic areas be vacuumed at least once every two days to help remove the soil, sand, and dirt from high traffic areas.

It is also important to keep a primary focus on spots. Almost any spill or drip from any substance can cause spotting in carpeting. This is because drying sugars, chemicals, and colorings often become a sticky resin that will attract dust, soils, and dirt in the carpeting. Often stains that occur from substances that are dry such as red wine, urine, and blood need to be treated immediately with a soapy solution and extracted in order for the stain not to set in permanently. Stubborn stains (even paint) can be removed using special chemicals and through a restoration process that Cedar Hill Carpet Cleaning can provide for your home or business.

 Vacuum Carpets for Longevity

It is vitally important for every homeowner to vacuum their carpets at least once a week (preferably twice). Not only will it extract dust, dirt, pathogens, and allergens out of the carpet, it raises the pile and fluffs the carpet. It will allow your carpeting to be brighter and softer for a longer period of time. Vacuuming your carpeting often will extract soils that can cause harm to carpet fibers. Without vacuuming, dirt will become embedded in carpeting which will continually be crushed against carpet fibers which will cause damage.

 Professional Cleaning


The general rule to professional cleaning is that it should take place at least once, but is suggested twice a year. Professional cleaning extracts deeply embedded soils out of a carpet that vacuuming misses. The carpet is injected with high pressure steaming hot water combined with cleaners, and powerfully extracted. This leaves the fibers clean, bright, and often looking new. Professional cleaning also helps to remove allergens from carpeting, provides much sanitization, and will leave your carpets smelling great! Cedar Hill Carpet Cleaning is happy to provide all of your carpet cleaning needs!


Please call 972-525-1823 or email to schedule a cleaning time! If we are unable to answer the phone, then we are assisting other customers on a job. Please leave a message and we'll promptly return your call!

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