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  • March 14, 2017

    Thank you Terry & Linda! It was wonderful to restore the carpets in the home that you just purchased! They turned out great! Thank you for choosing Cedar Hill Carpet Cleaning!

  • March 14, 2017

    I had an excellent experience working on a sofa that was in drastic need of cleaning. My client received the sofa for free, and it restored into NEW condition!

  • March 4, 2017

    Thanks Bill! Your rental property turned out great! Glad to hear you already found a renter!

  • March 1, 2017

    Janice, I appreciated working on your living room today. I am happy that you are so pleased with the results! Tell people about us!

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Carpet Restoration

 What is Carpet Restoration?

Cedar Hill Carpet Cleaning defines carpet restoration is as "Bringing an abused carpet back and high traffic areas to a presentable and good state". This is most often the scenario when people would like their carpets restored. Often, restoration will be used on high traffic areas, severe pet spots, dried paint stains, oil stains, and other organic stains. Carpet restoration often gives "wows" to the homeowners and landlords who opt for the service. It can often bring sticky, filthy, dirty, and smashed carpeting back to a "like new state", where it is clean, fluffy, and new looking. Often homes have pet problems, a lot of spills, organic matter, and oils in their carpet. Some carpeting would be defined as "filthy" where the first instinct of the homeowner or landlord is "rip it out". Often these people are unaware that carpet restoration can not only save them a lot of money for new flooring, but time as well.

 Carpet Restoration Process

Restoring a carpet is a tricky job that often requires very powerful (and expensive) carpet cleaning equipment. The carpet cleaner would apply the appropriate chemicals to counter what the stain consists of to begin the break down process. They would allow the countering chemicals to penetrate deep into the stain & padding to avoid any wick back effect. After a good soaking, the carpet cleaner would apply a very strong agitation tool (such as a Rotovac) which deeply agitates and works in the counter chemicals. Next the chemicals would be blasted with highly pressurized steaming hot water, while being agitated, and extracted at the same time. This process penetrates deep into the carpet, washes the stain deeply with counter chemicals, while heated water works as a catalyst in the entire process. The chemicals are then extracted out of the carpet, along with the how water, and the stain. The carpeting is then once again hit with very hot water, and powerfully extracted. The last step brings up the pile (fibers) of the carpet. This will transform carpet in almost any shape into a soft, fluffy, new like state. Cedar Hill Carpet Cleaning specializes in carpet restoration and can make your carpets look wonderful!

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